Live Poker and Casinos in Sweden

Poker is one of the casino games that many people have loved throughout the years, and ever since poker has invaded the casino gambling scene as well as the Internet, Sweden has participated in every activity related to the game of poker. Through the years, Sweden has established many casinos that remarkably attract many tourists. That’s why the casinos of Sweden have been one of the most visited places in Europe.

The History of Gambling in Sweden

Gambling in Sweden can be traced back in 1020 when the King of Sweden and the King of Norway decided to roll a dice for the ownership of a certain district. The King of Sweden got two 6s, while the King of Norway lost with one 6 and one 7.

The oldest card game in Sweden is the Skitgubbe or the goat. This is a game where players collect cards on the first half of the game and get rid of the cards on the second part. The player left with cards at the end of the second round is called the Skitgubbe.

Sweden’s Poker World

Card games, especially the game of poker, are one of the famous casino games in Sweden, and Swedish casinos would also feature poker variations in their game repertoires where Swedish players get to enjoy the game of HolEm, Omaha, Seven-Card Stud and Five-Card Stud. Not only do Swedish players love to play poker for fun, but they also love the idea of participating in poker tournaments that Sweden has sponsored and participated in many poker tournaments both live and online.

Poker in Sweden has been taken into new heights with casinos offering not only the best in services but bonuses and promotions as well. Now, many poker players from all over the world would visit casinos in Sweden to participate in the most prestigious poker tournaments, and the country has even held one of the most famous of all these tournaments, the World Poker Tour.

Because of Swedens great affinity with poker, they have produced great poker players. Some of the most popular Swedish poker players include Jonas Molander and Ramsi Jelassi. Both of these Swedish poker players have achieved victory in the recent 2008 World Poker Tour where they have exhibited great skills in playing poker. They have received over $500,000 in total winnings.

Although Sweden is still a part of the European nations that doesn’t approve of gambling, the country has proven to the world that they can be at par not only when it comes to their casinos but when it comes to their poker players as well

After reading this article you hopefully have bit better understanding of poker in Sweden

Online poker in Sweden

Sweden was one of the first nations were online poker became hugely popular. Already around 2002 one could see huge amount of Swedish poker players playing at all major online poker sites. Today you can find Swedes from both lowstakes online poker games as well as from the biggest online poker games.