Live Poker and Casinos in Spain

Although Spain is more popularly known for its bullfights and matadors, a great majority of Spain’s population also enjoy a good game of poker. In fact, there is now what is known as the Spanish version of poker.

Also called Synthetic Poker, this game has basically the same hierarchy of hands with one exception – a Flush is higher than a Full House. This type of poker is very popular here and is the most favorite poker variation of people of Spain. In this game, each player gets two hole cards and then there will be five cards on the board, with each one being dealt openly. Betting then begins until there are already five cards on the table. By the end of the game, players must combine their hole cards with three of the cards on the board.

Spain’s Casinos

While there are many wonderful places in Spain that you should definitely visit, there are likewise equally exciting casinos found in some of Spain’s more popular tourist destinations, so it’s not surprising then that some of the world’s favorite casinos are found here since Spain’s gambling population has been on the rise ever since gambling came to the country. Whether you’re in Ibiza or Cataluna or any other part of Spain, you will surely find at least one casino where you can play live poker.

Among the more poplar casinos here are the Casino Bahia de Cadiz located in Andalucía, Casino Castell de Peralada found in Cataluña, Casino de Barcelona, Casino de Ibiza, and Casino Gran Madrid.

Spanish Poker Players

Perhaps the most popular Spanish poker player today is Carlos Mortensen. Although he was born and raised in Spain, he went to the US some time in the 90?s specifically for poker. He has won in World Series of Poker tourneys, World Poker Tours and other poker tournaments and has brought home more than eight million dollars in prizes! Poker spectators agree that Mortensen’s poker bluffs are on top of everyone else’s which gives him a better edge against his opponents.

Another popular poker player from Spain is Julio Diaz who bagged more than five hundred thousand HKD from the Asian Poker Tour in China just this year. Although he is already a favorite among poker spectators in Spain, his entry to the APT has made him even more popular, now with more fans watching his poker moves across Asia and the world.

Online poker in Spain

Spanish people love to play online poker. It is not rare to see more than one person from Spain to sitting in your online poker table. It is quite hard to categorize Spanish poker players as there seem to be both very loose players and then extremely tight poker players. So keep your eyes open when playing against Spanish player!