Live Poker and casinos in Russia

Poker in Russia took a good turn just recently. When it used to be considered as merely a gambling game in the country, today, Russia has made a new declaration stating that in their country poker is now considered a sport.

There was a time when natives of the country were apprehensive about playing poker, no matter how much they love the game, for fear of being punished since it was still considered back then as a form of gambling. That all changed when a court ruled in favor of poker lobbyists who insist that the game is not just something people play to gamble, but it is actually a game requiring great skill and intelligence.

Casinos in Russia

Casinos in Russia are not wanting. In short, there is quite a list of casinos here that you can go to. However, with the new game zoning in the country, the numbers could soon dwindle.

With a lot of casinos to choose from, it’s good to have an idea of the more popular ones, so you can go straight to them before trying out other casinos. The Astoria Casino Club is one of the favorite casinos in Russia. This one is situated in St. Petersburg and has more than thirty tables inside its premises. It also has its own hotel for guests who are staying over for a while and one dining area. It is open everyday, twenty-four hours straight.

The Casino Golden Palace is located in Moscow, and it is a favorite destination of holiday-makers who wish to play a game of poker because this one has more than thirty-five poker tables. The casino is also open everyday, 24/7, much like all the other casinos in the country.

Russian Poker Greats

Poker lovers worldwide cannot dismiss the fact that Russian poker players are the ones to contend with, and they are making waves in the professional poker circuit, showcasing their poker skills to the whole world.

Peter Vlasenko was hailed as the Russian Poker Tsar to contend with two years ago when he bagged the top prize in the St. Petersburg Open. He brought home a whopping eighty thousand dollars in cash for that game alone.

Another Russian poker great is Sergey Feklisov who has brought home a total cash prize of more than one hundred seventy thousand dollars from his games. He has also bagged two first place spots in his tourneys.

Online poker in Russia

Russian online poker players love to bluff. It really seems like the Russian poker players are the craziest you can find. They will bluff you every chance they get and if they think you are bluffing they are not afraid of putting in a bluff raise.