Live Poker and Casinos in Portugal

If you’re talking poker in Portugal, you may have heard the latest news that Portuguese newcomer, Joao Barbosa, bagged the top prize in the recently-concluded European Poker Tour Warsaw just last November 2008.

Playing poker in Portugal or gambling here, in general, has very strict laws, and in fact, while visitors from another country who wish to play in the casinos here can play as long as they are eighteen years of age and above, locals are not allowed entry unless they are 21 years old or above.

Casinos in Portugal

There are gaming zones in the country that cover casinos. The gaming zones may have different rules from the others, so it’s always best to check what laws cover which casinos before actually going there to play. There are several casinos here and most are within the tourist district to attract more visitors.

First on the list is the Casino do Estoril. This is within the Lisbon-Estoril gaming zone, and this is perhaps one of the more popular casinos in the country and one that tourists love to play in. Their Slot Machine Room is considered to be the largest confinement ever to house a thousand slots in one casino.

There is also the Casino Da Povoa which is found in the Povoa de Varzim region. Different card tables, slots and other casino games are being offered here as well as an excellent dining area.

Poker Players in Portugal

As mentioned above, the latest Portuguese to make it in the news in the world of poker is Joao Barbosa, who won the main title at the European Poker Tour, held in Warsaw last November. What made his triumph even more meaningful was that he was celebrating his twenty-sixth birthday on the day that he won. He is the first Portuguese to bring home the championship title in any European Poker Tour.

There are other Portuguese poker players who have also made it to the different poker tourneys across the globe, and one of them is Nelson Rodrigues, who hails from Madeira. Like Joao who had his twenty-sixth birthday playing and winning poker, Nelson likewise had his twenty-seventh birthday amongst poker players from across the globe, who were all present for the Salzburg Poker Cup.

There are still a lot of other great poker players from Portugal who have yet to be given good breaks to enter the world poker circuit.

Online poker in Portugal

Online poker is right now bigger than ever in Portugal. The online poker storm is truly taking over all of Portugal and already lot of online poker sites are offering customer service in Portuguese. An example of such as a site is NoiQ.