Live Poker and Casinos in Poland

Whenever you hear the word poker, people would usually associate it to fame, glory and mone, but for the Polish society of poker players, poker is game of prestige, and being a part of a poker tournament is definitely a great honor.

Poland is a great country whose people enjoy the game of poker, that it is no surprise that the country is fast becoming known as one of the best poker player-producing countries. Recently, Polish people were given the chance to be a part of the Poker World Cup, and the people of this country has proven that they can surpass all obstacles, including the challenge of becoming one of the greats.

History of Poker in Poland

Poker in Poland was not that popular, not until the fall of the USSR (communism), that is. When Poland became a republic, the market became open to investors from neighboring countries. That’s why the population of casinos in Poland blossomed and continues to do so. Most of these casinos are stationed inside hotels.

Today, 40% of the revenues from the casino market came from Casinos Poland. Although it may sound like it is a state-owned company, the truth is, it’s not. Casinos Poland was pre-owned by Century Casinos, LOT Polish Airlines and Polish Airport Authority, but in 1989, it was given the chance to operate on its own.

Poker Legends in Poland

Poland has produced many great poker winners, and here are the three poker powerhouses claiming Poland as their country of origin:

The first Polish poker legend is Michael Gracz. Michael was born in Warsaw and is now residing in Raleigh. Michael has won many prestigious awards. He ranked first place in the Trump Classics as well as the WPT Party Poker Million IV, which is the largest Limit Hold’Em in the world. Michael Gracz recently won top 15 in the World Poker Tour in Bellagio.

The second Polish poker legend is Henry Orenstein. Orenstein is a Holocaust survivor who made his way to the World Series of Poker. Henry Orenstein started as a toymaker and an inventor, and one of his famous inventions is the one-hole card cam. In 1996, Orenstein won his first bracelet in seven-card stud. Today, Henry Orenstein is one of the developers of the Poker Stars Invitational Event.

The third and last Polish poker legend is Nic Szermata. He is the first professional poker player who made his first televised poker series, Late Night Poker. Nic also made his way to the World Heads-Up Championship, which is also called National Heads-Up Championship in the United States.

Online poker in Poland

Online poker is extremely popular in Poland. You can catch Polish online poker players playing all around the net. One of the most popular poker rooms among Polish poker players is NoiQ poker.