Live Poker and Casino in Malta

Malta is the leading promoter of the Malta Poker Tour, which is one of the most exciting poker tournaments in Europe. Malta, also known as the Republic of Malta, is a small and dense country composed of seven islands. It was colonized by the British Empire, and in 1964, Malta received its independence. The Republic of Malta is currently a member of the European Union as well as the Commonwealth of Nations.

Malta Casinos

Malta has continued to blossom economically without sacrificing its history. The country has preserved its cobblestone walls, Renaissance cathedrals as well as Baroque architecture. For many years, visitors come to Malta to experience the countrys rich cultural heritage. While this brings fun and excitement, playing casino games in some of the Maltas luxurious casinos can definitely add to the exhilaration visitors get to experience in the country.

Malta casinos are one of the tourist attractions that usually provide excitement and satisfaction to visitors. Although gambling is a big issue in the United States, Malta allows gambling as long as the player is of legal age. There are four main casinos available in Malta. The most popular among the four is the Dragonna Casino, which is the largest. Dragonna is situated in St. Julians, and it has 25 game tables and 184 slot machines.

Malta Poker Tour

The Malta Poker Tour is one of the most exhilarating competitions in Europe. Many professional poker players from far and wide come to Malta just to participate in this prestigious competition.

In partnership with the Malta Poker Tour is the MoneyBookers. MoneyBookers is the best payment solution in the gambling industry. It allows players to transfer funds from and to other gaming sites without any additional charges. MoneyBookers doesnt only have high-quality services, but it also offers great promotions for avid users., which is one of the biggest internet poker rooms, is also a part of the Malta Poker Tour. ensures that every customer will receive the utmost attention in all their queries.

The Malta Poker Tour is held yearly at different locations in the country. Recently, the MPT is held in Portomaso Casino, which is located in Portomaso, Malta. The casino has an estimated 1,100 square meters of land area, and it offers live table games as well as new and exciting slot machines.

Malta Poker Tour can be compared to the World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour. Players will compete for the main event, and in the end, the best player will take home the gold.

Online poker in Malta

Even though many online poker sites are located at Malta it is quite rare to see Maltese online poker players. However you can find some of them playing all around the net, and as everywhere online poker is getting more popular at Malta.