Live Poker and Casinos in Japan

One might find it very unlikely that there are good Japanese poker players out there because, for one thing, there are no poker rooms in Japan that can accommodate serious poker players. Secondly, playing any type of casino game for money is completely restricted here as poker is one of those casino games that isnt welcomed here if you bet real money on it. However, thanks to the proliferation of casinos on the internet, Japanese players have found a way to finally start enjoying this popular casino card game.

Today, online poker has given rise to exceptional Japanese poker players, and they have invaded the poker tourney circuit of late.

Playing Online Poker in Japan

Yes, the strict rules against gambling are still in place in Japan, and this includes betting for money on any given poker site on the internet. However, the Japanese, being a creative and innovative people, have found a way to still enjoy their favorite variation of poker online without breaking any gambling laws.

For the Japanese to enjoy their poker games on the internet, they play for other prizes like commodities or services just to avoid the concept of playing for money. Different sites that cater to Japanese players registering from their country give points that can later on be traded for either commodities/goods or services, depending what on what is being offered by the poker sites.

Popular poker variations in Japan are the Caribbean Poker and Pai Gow Poker.

Japanese Poker Players

Wooka Kim is a famous Japanese poker player who gained popularity in the online poker circuit. She was chosen to be the poker spokesperson by Everest Poker throughout Asia and play in every poker tourney from 08 to 09. She has also joined the elite World Series of Poker tourneys and has brought home some twenty thousand dollars in prizes. The All Japan Poker Championship gave her, on the other hand, ninety thousand dollars in winnings.

But the Japanese poker player to contend with is Hiroshi Shimamura who heads Poker Players Association in Japan. Back in 05, he placed sixth in the Omaha 5k World Series of Poker tourney where he brought home some fifty thousand dollars in winnings.

Another popular Japanese player is Masaaki Kagawa who brought home a whopping two hundred thousand dollars in cash! He was practically unheard of until he won in this tourney.