Live Poker and Casinos in Italy

Italy is not only known for its pasta and pizza, artists and Opera singers, but the country is also becoming widely known in the poker circuit. True, there are not a lot of live casinos in Italy to play poker or any other casino games, but the ones that are here nevertheless see regular poker players, and they are steadily growing in numbers.

Although not all casinos here offer poker, in fact, there are just about three casinos that have poker rooms or tables for poker lovers, the popularity of the game has not diminished. In truth, there is even a local variation of the game aptly called Italian Poker.

Poker in Italian Casinos

Before flying off to Italy, better check first if the casino located in the place you will be visiting has poker games in their roster since, as mentioned, not all casinos in Italy have poker tables.

Casino di Campione has Texas Hold’Em and Caribbean Poker among others. Casino de Sanremo, of course, is a popular poker destination for game enthusiasts who love to show off their game in poker tourneys. It is interesting to note here though that the Italian Telesina is played in this casino. Italian Telesina is their variation of the 5-Card Stud.

Casino operators in the country are starting to realize that poker is a good moneymaking venture which they could very well benefit from. Perhaps in the next couple of years, more casinos here will start offering the world’s most favorite casino card game.

Italian Poker Champs

Luca Pagano won the third highest spot in the European Poker Tournament held about four years ago. From here, he started joining more poker tourneys, and he once again placed in another poker tournament back in 06, this time at the World Series of Poker tournament. This Italian heartthrob has not only the looks that could pass for a Hollywood celebrity, but he?s also got the brains and skills to be an exceptional poker player in the professional circuit. Pagano has won over six hundred thousand dollars from his tourneys.

Max Pescatori actually trained under the tutelage of Italy’s first poker player to bag a bracelet at a WSOP event. Pescatori’s dedication and love of the game is what led him to where he is now in the elite circle of professional poker players worldwide. It was in 03 that he started making the rounds of poker tourneys, and he actually was good enough to be included in the final tables most of the time. In ’05, he placed ninth in the Card Player of the Year.

Online poker in Italy

Italian online poker players are usually very aggressive. They are not afraid of putting their chips in to the pot without anything. And if they think you might be bluffing they are able to make very loose calls. This strategy causes lot of Italian online poker players to experience huge swings.