Live Poker and Casinos in Germany

Poker is a favorite casino game the world over, and Germany is no exception. In fact, live poker rooms are growing by leaps and bounds here, with some two hundred and sixty thousand players here joining poker tables scattered all over the country. It is estimated that, of the more than two hundred fifty thousand players in Germany, ninety percent of them are men. Thanks to a televised poker tourney back in 05, poker popularity slowly began picking up again, where once it was considered a dead game as far as the majority of Germany is concerned. This televised poker tourney paved the way for other stations to follow suit, and soon, several other poker games are being shown in German television. It might interest you to know that there is an Extreme version of poker in Finland where the game is played right smack on the ice.

Casinos in Germany

The best place to play poker is in live casinos, notwithstanding poker tourneys, of course. True, there is an increasing popularity of online poker worldwide, but nothing beats sitting at an actual poker table and rubbing elbows, in a manner of speaking, with your opponents.

In Germany, it is said that the oldest casino here is also the most famous and favored. The Baden-Baden Casino located in SE Germany is a favorite hang-out of poker lovers here and abroad, particularly because of its luxurious and affluent surroundings. Some people even consider it as the finest casino in the world.

Casino Aachen, on the other hand, is also a good casino when you’re in Germany, and here, poker is likewise a favorite game.

German Poker Players

Contrary to popular belief, the professional poker circuit is not male-dominated. Admittedly, there are more poker players who are men, but there are quite a few excellent poker players who are female particularly from Japan and Germany.

Katja Thater is one such female German poker player who is more popularly known in the poker circle as Miss Slick. She is considered to be the most famous woman poker player in Germany, and she has paved the way for more female poker players in the country to follow her lead. She gained popularity when a poker tourney was shown on television where she earned the second highest spot overall.

Other popular German poker players include Thomas Bihl whose favorite poker variation are Sit N Gos, Eddy Scharf, and Roland Specht whose favorite poker game is Pot Limit Omaha.

Online poker in Germany

Given that there is around 90million German people it is no wonder to see them taking over online poker. You can find German poker players playing low stakes, mid stakes and high stakes poker games at all the major online poker sites. And some of them are doing extremely well.