Live Poker Rooms and Casinos in France

Playing poker in France may not be so much different from playing poker anywhere else, except that, within the confines of some of the world’s most luxurious casinos situated in France, you will feel that you’re in a totally different world and still enjoying your favorite casino poker.

The French have always been known for their true appreciation of beauty and the arts. Their welcome for artistic and creative expressions makes their country a favorite destination of anyone who wants to discover everything that’s beautiful about life, and if you’re itching to play poker while touring Europe, France is the perfect place to be.

Famous Casinos in France

The Lyon Vert Casino is located in Lyon, France and is considered to be the best casino you could ever find in all of France. Its interiors boast of Art Deco bits, pieces and designs that add to its mix of modern and old-historic architectural influences. The casino is famous for its games of Baccarat and Roulette but more particularly for its Stud Poker, which visitors and holiday revelers never fail to play when they’re in France. Poker tourneys and special poker games are held here sporadically throughout the year, so be sure to check out their schedule before flying off to play poker.

Another famous casino here is the casino-hotel Palais de la Mediterranee, although many say second only to Lyon Vert Casino. Nevertheless, its unique Art Deco structure combined with its 1900?s original look makes it a sight to enjoy. The interiors are well-structured, and the modern twist makes it a comfortable, relaxing and very luxurious place to unwind and pamper yourself. The casino here is famous among locals and holiday-makers as well. In fact, Palais de la Mediterranee was actually built mainly as a casino back in the early 1900s.

French Poker Players

In the beginning of the second quarter of this year, French poker player Frederic Levy ranked No. 21 among a pool of roughly seven hundred poker players during the Irish Open Poker tourney. Having only been playing poker online for more than a year, Frederic Levy was very happy about the results of his playing and looks forward to joining the WSOP some time soon.

Fabrice Soulier, on the other hand, is not new in the poker scene. He’s joined the prestigious WSOP tourney thrice already, placing No. 10 in the final round. He was also named as one of the best card players in the world back in 06.

Online poker in France

Even though the legal status of online poker in France is somewhat unclear it doesn’t stop hundreds of thousands French people from playing online poker. French online poker players are known as very creative players who will try to do many type of bluffs and tricky plays with their hands.