Live Poker and Casinos in England

Playing Poker in England

Poker is a favorite card game in the United Kingdom, particularly in England. People here love the game so much that they have numerous card rooms scattered all over the United Kingdom and England solely dedicated to poker. In England alone, there are approximately twenty-five live poker rooms that poker lovers can play their games in. So if you’re visiting England any time soon and you love playing poker, you will surely not run out of poker rooms to join.

Poker rooms/clubs here run the gamut of looking like those underground gambling dens you see in movies to elite and luxurious expensive casinos catering to all sorts of poker aficionados.

Poker Rooms, Clubs and Casinos in England

One of the most famous poker clubs in England is the one frequented by world champions in poker whenever they find themselves in the country. The Gutshot Poker Club, situated in Clerkenwell Road in London, is home to some twelve thousand members who all love the game. This one is a favorite poker room for those who are not into big and crowded casinos.

Another favorite poker room this time in a casino is the one found at the Victoria Casino in London. Their poker tables here offer different poker games and even mini poker tourneys for all their guests. The poker room in the casino can accommodate up to two hundred and fifty poker guests, so you’re sure to find a spot when you decide to play.

England’s Famed Poker Players

Being a favorite game in the country, it is not surprising that poker has produced some of the worlds finest poker players around. Perhaps the most famous player here that you may have heard of is David Ulliot. He brought home a bracelet from the World Series of Poker tourney back in 1997, but it was not without some obstacles though, having lost about two hundred thousand dollars on the games. He is known as the Devilfish in the professional poker circle. He has about five million dollars in winnings to date.

Another famed English poker player is Roland de Wolfe, who was actually a writer for a poker magazine before he turned professional. He frequented the Gutshot Poker Club, and this is where he bagged the top prize in his first poker tourney. He then started joining the big leagues in WSOP events and Word Poker Tours. To date, he has about four million dollars in poker winnings.

Online poker in England

Given that online poker is legal and tax free in England it is no wonder to see lot of English poker players playing online. Some of the most famous English online poker players have won several millions pounds in last couple years.