Live Poker and Casinos in Denmark

Poker is one of the most commonly played card game in casinos around the world. In Denmark, poker is now being played by thousands of Danes not only in their casinos, but also in their homes, clubs, and even over the internet. Since poker can be viewed in televisions, casinos, tournaments, and even in the internet, Danes are now considering poker as a legitimate form of gambling since it requires players to have skills in the game.

Growing Popularity of Poker

Nowadays, there are numerous Danes who are getting more and more interested in playing the game of poker. This is due to the internet and the television, which enabled most Danes to access online poker rooms as well as watch professional poker players play the game live during tournaments. Today, the members of the Danish Poker Association amounts to 1,000, while studies show that there are almost 50,000 Danes who are now currently hooked in playing poker. Some estimates number Danish poker players to 85,000 and still rising.

Poker is not only known through the influence of both the media and the internet but also through some of the rising stars in poker such as Gus Hansen. There are certain skills that one must have in order to become a pro, and there are numerous famous poker players that have their own strategy in the game, making them quite fearsome in the field. Gus is considered to be one of the best players in poker since his style is not the ones you are used to see. His unpredictability has earned him respect as well as fame. Aside from Gus, there are other poker players that came from Denmark such as Mads Andersen, Ronni Borg, and Nicki Dalgaard.

There are now numerous books on poker that were written by Danes such as Erik Bork and Christian Kongsted, both of whom are journalists. Their book was included in numerous lists of bestsellers when it was released. There are also Danish magazines and other books on poker that can be seen in their bookstores.

Future of Poker in Denmark

Since poker is now being played in Denmark, there are relatively few signs of Danes getting tired of the game. The skill as well as the excitement of the game still attracts the interest of people around the world. There are now numerous game rooms in the internet as well as online casinos that offer this kind of game. Not only does Denmark have that, but their TV stations also broadcast live tournaments to the delight of its viewers.

Online poker in Denmark

Online poker is simply massive in Denmark. You can find Danish poker players playing at every single major poker site, and quite often they are playing the highstakes poker games. It is also normal to see a Danish poker player winning a big buyin online poker tournament.