LittleWoods Poker Review

Rating: 8
LittleWoods Poker Review
100% up to $200 Sign Up Bonus

Before you can play poker on the internet you actually need to pick a room where you want to do your playing. One of those possible places to play at is online poker site. It is already the choice of thousands of online poker players, and has been it for a long time.

New players can claim 100% bonus up to $200 when they sign up at Littlewoods Poker.

  • Popular brand name for UK poker players
  • Great games and very fast software
  • Ability to play on MAC or Linux
  • Sign up today and receive 100% up to $200

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Playing at Littlewoods Poker certainly has some things going for it and in this review we will have a closer look at this popular European online poker site, it’s good sides, bad sides and finally we will look into what type of players are most likely to enjoy playing at this poker room. So let’s get started! review:

Little Woods Poker isn’t the worlds largest poker site and thus you wont be able to find the biggest guaranteed money tournaments from there, and they neither have the most cash games. But despite of that lot of players are still choosing to play exclusively at LittleWoods so they certainly must be doing something right. Based on our experiences at playing there we have listed below the top 5 things that we think “they are doing right”:

5 Best Sides of LittleWoods Poker:

- Good amount of texas holdem and pot limit Omaha games - Poker rewards club and the up to 25% instant deposit bonus are great promotions. - Customer service is good. - Lot of deposit and withdraw options available. - Easy to use poker software. In the name of fairness we have also listed the top 5 things that we feel like they could be doing better.

5 worst sides of Little Woods:

- Signup bonus could be bigger. - There should be bigger guaranteed money tournaments. - There should be more high stakes games. - The 7 card stud action is non-existent at times. - Web browser version of the poker room would be nice. Bonus:

The bonus offer at LittleWoodsPoker stands at 100% up to £200. What this means is that in order to get the maximum £200 bonus you need to also deposit at least £200 on your first deposit (so 4 £50 deposits for an example won’t give you more than a £50 bonus). As always in order to actually get the full bonus money amount to your online poker account you need to play some real money poker and earn points (the good thing is you can track your bonus clearing progress through the poker software), however, unlike at other internet poker rooms at LittleWoods poker they will actually credit 25% of your bonus money instantly to your account after your first deposit. So, if you deposit £100 and are thus entitled for £100 bonus they will add £25 instantly to your account and you than need to play real money poker and earn points to get that remaining £75. For full details & terms and conditions please refer to their website, as the rules might have changed from what they are at the time of writing (we obviously try to keep this page up-to-date). Get 100% up to £200 bonus now at LittleWoods Poker!

Other Promotional Offers at LittleWoods Poker:

Majority of the other promotions run by LittleWoodsPoker are so called seasonal promotions and only run for a few weeks / month and thus it doesn’t do much good to list them here. However, some of the poker promotions that they have been running for a longer time include for an example “first deposit freerolls”, “live poker tournament satellites” and “poker rewards club”

Who Should Play at LittleWoodsPoker:

Unfortunately the poker room lacks the high stakes action, so we can’t really recommend LittleWoods poker for those who are looking to wager thousands per hand. However, if you are looking to either play the free money games or small / mid stakes real money games LittleWoods poker is a good place to play at. By far majority of the action at LittleWoods is in no limit texas holdem, and at the times it might be hard to find players to play against in some other games, so if you are looking to play 7 card stud or some other rarer poker game you unfortunately should look into finding other poker room. One final thing to note about is that they have lot of casino players and beginner players playing at their site, and this obviously means that the people who are looking to make money from poker should be able to find some good games to play in.

So as a Final Result we Recommend LittleWoods to:

- Those looking to play free money, small stakes or mid stakes online poker. - Those who are looking to play mostly no limit texas holdem. - Both pros and recreational players, as there are some friendly games with beginners and hobbyist players.