Holdem Glossary

When playing holdem either online or at a live casino you will come across many terms and some of them might be somewhat confusing. Thus we created this little holdem glossary

Add-On: This gives individuals the chance to buy more chips in a tournament
Ante: this is a bet that must be made in order for the hand to begin

Blind: The blind is a forced bet. In most cases, there are two blinds. Both made by the individuals to the immediate left of the dealer.

Board: These are the community cards found in Texas Hold’em. They are known as the flop, turn and river.

Call: A person calls when they want to match the current bet. This is the least expensive way to stay in a hand.

Check: A person checks when they want to skip their turn.

Fifth Street: This is the fifth card dealt. In Texas Hold’em this is the last community card that is dealt off.

Fixed Limit: In these games, bets are only allowed in pre-determined increments.

Flop: this term can be used to describe a specific type of games. Flop games have 5 community cards. Omaha and Hold’em are two well known ones. The flop may also refer to the first three community cards that the dealer places face up on the table.

Fold: Folding is a good idea when a person mucks their cards because they are not willing to call the current bet. Folding can be smarter then staying in a hand that an individual has no chance of winning.

Forced Bet: A forced bet is a blind bet. It is also known as the bring-in.

Fourth Street: Also known as the turn.

Freeroll: A tournament that requires no buy-in.

Muck: Folding one’s hand without revealing your cards.

Overbet: A bet which is bigger in size than the current pot.

Paint: A face card – king, queen or jack.

Position: The spot you are playing according to the button on the table.

Pot Odds: A calculation of the odds of a person winning a hand compared to the odds of a specific call which must be made, compared to the current size of the pot.

Push: To move all in.

Rake: The percentage of a commission that the house takes from every pot.

River: Fifth and final card of the five community cards.

Tilt: When a player loses his cool, goes off the ‘tilt’.

Turn: The dealing of the fourth of the community cards.