Known as one of the largest gambling companies in Europe, VC poker is a great choice for high and low stakes telesina players. VCPoker is the online poker site with the most telesina action in 2016. The games start from just 0.05€ ante level for which the minimum buyin amount is only 2€. And the tables go all the way up to the 10€ ante level where the minimum buyin is 400€ and maximum 4,000€. On top of the pot limit telesina cash games players can also play telesina multi table tournaments and telesina sit and go tournaments at VC poker. The site also has free, fake money, telesina poker tables available.

In addition to the great telesina action VC poker also has loads of nice promotions for their poker players. There is for an example a first deposit bonus up to 500€ and a generous monthly cashbak program.

Which Are The Best Sites For Playing Real Money Telesina

Telesina poker strategy advice:

Even though telesina obviously differs quite a bit from texas holdem and other poker games the most important rules behind being a winning player in it are the same. We are not going to tell you how to play specific hands and what starting hands you should play. This is because those things depend entirely on your overall game plan and who you are playing against, as well as about your personal preferences. However here are some tips for telesina.

1) Take care of your poker roll.

If you play for fun never keep more money on your online poker account than you can lose and still smile. If you play for living or are a serious player always make sure that you don’t have the risk of going broke and losing your poker bankroll.

2) Spot the bad players and play against them

The bad players are usually quite easy to find, and usually if you cant tell within 15minutes of sitting in to the table if player is bad or good he is good. The bad players will constantly make the kind of mistakes (usually taking way too weak hands too far) that will make you roll our eyes.

3) Take advantage of the promotions

You bring lot of money to the online poker rooms in form of rake. Thus it is your right to take advantage of all the promotions and bonus offers that they give to you.

4) Pay attention to the cards other players have.

Telesina is a game in which you get to instantly see almost all of your opponents cards. And as such you always pay attention to them, for an example if there are already loads of diamonds already out on the field and you are drawing to a diamond flush draw it naturally reduces your chances of hitting the flush greatly.

5) Remember that it is mainly a mind game.

In a poker game such as Telesina in which everybody can see almost all the cards and thus has lot of information on the type of hands their opponenets are likely to hold the game turns into a “mind war”. In other words if your opponent knows exactly what you have you are in big problems, and if you know exactly what your opponent has he is in big problems. Thus you should do your best to confuse your opponents – while avoiding making to costly moves. If you are looking for more telesina information we recommend visiting which is our dedicated site for this great game.