Eight Game Mix: Pot Limit Omaha High

The most important consideration in this level is that you are playing just the high hand only. A number of players will be raising with low value cards and if you have already made a good hand you can take advantage of this, but should you still be counting your outs and looking for cards on the turn or river, you could get undone by somebody holding trip 3´s who feels he has the protection of a solid low hand – even though none exists.

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Good starting hands are as much at a premium in short-handed Omaha as they are in short-handed Texas Hold´em – and much different. Many players unfamiliar with the game will see a pair of aces in the four cards they are dealt and believe they should try to maximize the pot. The best opening hands are comprised of gallery cards, preferably two of two suits and maybe even including a pair (the ultimate being Ah As Kh Ks), but in the Pot Limit Omaha round of an 8-Game Mix multi table poker tournament, aggression is the key.

Having got as far as level 8, many players will be unwilling to take pre-flop gambles against hands with a high number of outs. The blinds do not reach a significant value until the fourth rotation of the game (200/400), so you will find a number of players folding pre-flop during the early rotations and not taking a chance with marginal hands. This is not only an opportunity to steal blinds, but to build the persona of being an aggressive player – possibly something you have not been able to do during the Fixed Limit rounds – and make players wary of you when you bet as the blinds increase.

The Pot Limit Omaha round may not see as many winners or losers as the No Limit Texas Hold´em rounds, but this may as much be due to players unfamiliarity with the game as it has to do with their betting tendencies. The best preparation for an 8-Game Mix multi table poker tournament is to play the individual elements of the tournament as frequently as possible until your have a good all-round understanding of each strategy within a game and how it can be applied in the tournament environment as a whole.