Best MTT Poker Site Online

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Best MTT Poker Sites

MTT Poker:

MTT (which means Multi Table Tournaments) poker remains as perhaps the most exciting format of poker. Granted there are loads of high stakes cash game tables on all the major online poker sites, but one can’t enter those with a small amount of money. While on the other hand you are able to enter some really nice MTTs with just $10/10€ and with that $10/10€ you might end up winning thousands of euros / dollar for just couple hours work, not bad at all. Naturally though, even if you are the best poker tournament player on the planet the odds of winning a poker tournament with over 100 other poker players are not great. However, what improves your odds of having success in online poker tournaments dramatically is playing tournaments with lot of inexperienced poker players and with players who are treating the tournaments like slot machines: just gambling and relying on their luck.

Obviously the big question is where you can find these poker tournaments with good bad-good player ratio in them. Thats where we try to help you, above we have listed 2 poker rooms (one for our USA readers and one for our international readers) that we believe to have at the moment the softest online MTT fields. Naturally for a room to make it’s way on this list they also had to be otherwise a great online poker tournament site and we feel like all both of these are. We wish you the best of luck in online MTTs.