Limit Triple Draw 2-7

Mixed poker multi table tournaments are becoming an increasingly popular way of allowing online poker players to flex their poker muscles and enjoy different varieties of the game. One of the most popular is PokerStars´ “8-Game Mix”; with fourteen multi table poker tournaments with varying buy-in levels played each day, plus a Sunday tournament with $5K guaranteed prize fund. The “8-Game Mix” also made an appearance in the World Cup of Online Poker this year with two games offering $100K and $1million guaranteed prize funds.

An 8-Game Mix multi table poker tournament is played short-handed (6 players to a table) and follows a rotation of eight different variants of poker. Levels can last 5, 10 or 15 minutes and blinds and antes increase every second level for the fixed limit games. More than just an extension of HORSE, an 8-Game Mix multi table poker tournament introduces pot-limit and no-limit disciplines and starts with a four round draw game:-

Level 1 – Limit Triple Draw 2-7

Limit Triple Draw 2-7 is a version of Lowball. What a player is trying to achieve is the lowest hand possible (where aces are high) without creating a straight or a flush – so, off-suit is the nuts hand. Each player is dealt five cards and has three changes available to try to construct their “worst” hand – with a round of betting before the first change is made and further betting rounds following each exchange of cards.

Although the betting is limited to the amount of the blinds for the first two rounds of betting, and double the big blind for the last two, you should be wary of getting involved with aggressive players in this initial game unless you are dealt a hand comprising of five non-consecutive off-suit cards ranked eight or lower, or where one card is required to compile an excellent hand. If you find two aggressive players at your table, you may have to commit 480 chips to the pot to get to showdown, and when you are only starting with 1500, that is a significant slice of your stack gone if you fail to win.

There are very few good opening hands in Limit Triple Draw 2-7, and should you get one you should exploit it to the max. Do not hit the “raise” button too quickly in case the other players choose to fold en mass, although bluffing is difficult until you reach at least the third rotation of Limit Triple Draw 2-7 – by which time the blinds are 80/160 and players are not so keen to get involved on a whim or where it may cost them a lot of money to chase a bad hand.

Starting the 8-Game Mix with a game of this nature is fairly useful to determine which players are going to create problems for you in the next two fixed limit games, and which are those you can take advantage of. Because of the length of time it takes some players to discard their cards and make their betting actions, you may only get one hand in during a 5 minute level, so it is best to pay attention from the very beginning!

8-Game mixed poker tournaments can be played on PokerStars fourteen times a day with buy-ins starting at just $2.20. Games further up the scale are played with buy-ins of $11.00, $22.00 and $44.00, with a game each Sunday offering a guaranteed $5K prize fund for a buy-in of $215.00.