Headsup No Limit Texas Holdem

Thanks to the several poker related TV-shows featuring headsup no limit holdem the popularity of this exciting format of poker is going throughout the roof. In headsup holdem you are playing against only one other player, in others it is 1-on1 poker. When you are playing only against one player you can obviously play lot more hands and play them both looser and aggressive. Due to this you will get into some extremely interesting situation. And what is a better way to improve as a poker player than figuring out the correct play for these situations?

Best Places to Play Heads Up No Limit Texas Holdem Online:

The vast majority of the online poker sites all offer headsup tables to their players. One thing to note about these headsup tables is that even though the small blind is the first to act just like in a ring game (3 to 10 players), after the flop the big blind is actually always the first one to make a decision.


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Carbon Poker

For our USA readers we recommend the Carbon online poker room for playing headsup poker on the internet. The site has some pretty good games thanks to their casino bringing first time poker players even to the headsup games and when you register you Carbon poker account now you will also get an up to $1,000 first deposit bonus as well as get to take part of all their other nice promotions.

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