Fixed Limit Stud

Most players will have an idea about the way Fixed Limit Stud is played. The distribution of the cards is the same as in Razz and there is round of betting after the initial deal and each street (subsequent card), with the player showing the highest value open cards being the first to act, and the limit of the bets doubling after the fifth street. Unlike Razz, it is not advisable to stay in the hand until fifth street – the blinds have risen and, if you have not got a strong opening hand you may be paying money to see the cards you need fall into other people’s hands.

Although you are playing short-handed, you should only get involved in games of Stud is you have a strong opening hand – Three of a kind, big pairs and high-tanking connectors or semi-connectors (cards adjacent in rank or with a gap of one card). The exception to this rule is when you find yourself on a table full of passive players and you could lead the betting and pick up the antes and early calls by persistently raising. If you are trying to bluff, think of the highest hand your open cards could represent and then look at your opponent´s possible outs from his open cards.

One big thing to look out for in the first hand of every Fixed Limit Stud round is the player who has not noticed that the game has changed from Razz to Stud and is chasing a low hand. Although they might be chasing a low straight (which most Stud players would not) the big tell is when they catch the fifth card below 8 in their hand and start to raise, rather than call, your bets. If you do get involved in a hand, bear in mind what the open cards were of the players who folded their cards and how subsequent open cards that are dealt to other players affect your outs and the odds of you scooping the pot.

Although there may only be a few hands of Fixed Limit Stud in 8-Game Mix multi table poker tournaments when you are playing in a game with short levels, by playing the first hand, any hand in which you have strong opening cards and any hand in which you can steal antes, you should improve the size of your stack, and your position within the tournament, going into the next level.