Fixed Limit Stud Hi/Lo

By level 6 of the 8-Game Mix multi table poker tournament, you should have attained a fairly solid start in the game. This is not a round to get carried away with as many of the hands are split and unless you have excellent starting cards, you could get involved in a three-way fight for the pot. Although during the first rotation it may pay to go as far as fifth street to see how your hand develops, this may become an expensive strategy on the second rotation when the bets are 100/200.

Once you get deep into the tournament, there may be opportunities to steal the antes depending on the structure of the table. By the third rotation, you may well be approaching the bubble and the likelihood is that you will have one or two players on your table who are just clinging on and hoping to sneak in to the prize money. You will recognise who they are by the length of time they take to perform an action, and although antes may only be 50 chips, they will not be allowing many hands to get played during this stage.

Building a good low hand is the key to success in Limit Stud Hi/Lo. As with Omaha Hi/Lo, middle ranking cards are the worst hand you can get and you should not invest too many chips in chasing a high straight or flush. Instead, keep an eye on the open cards that have been folded and those which are dealt to players still in the hand. Consider what your opponents may be holding and their outs. You should have had plenty of opportunity to determine their betting tendencies during the proceeding rounds and you can use that information to be successful in this one.

During later levels you will be able to bluff more or slow play when holding good “hidden” cards, but during the first two rounds of Fixed Limit Stud Hi/Lo it is recommended to play simple poker and maintain the good position you have established. When the opportunity arises to take down a pot, by all means seize it, but be cautious of getting involved in three way battles for a two way pot when you are not certain that you have the nuts.

8-Game mixed poker tournaments can be played on PokerStars fourteen times a day with buy-ins starting at just $2.20. Games further up the scale are played with buy-ins of $11.00, $22.00 and $44.00, with a game each Sunday offering a guaranteed $5K prize fund for a buy-in of $215.00.