8 Games Mix: Fixed Limit Razz

Razz is the first in a trilogy of Stud-based games that appear in an 8-game Mix multi table poker tournament, and these three games offer an opportunity for a player who plays these Stud games well to pull away from the pack. In Razz, the lowest hand wins, but unlike Limit Triple Draw 2-7, aces are low and straights and flushes are disregarded. Therefore, the best hand you can have in a game of Razz is A2345.

Each player has to pay a forced ante, and then three cards are initially dealt to each player – two face down and one face up, the “Door card”. The player with the highest ranking door card has to start the betting with a bet or “bring in” and the betting revolves around the table with each player having the option to raise, call the initial bet or bring in, or fold. An astute player will observe what door cards are showing and how these will influence his hand.

In hands of Razz, being dealt a card with the same value as one you already have in your hand is worthless, and so what you are hoping to find are door cards of the value of those you already have – lessening the chance of being dealt a duplicate. Another important factor is that if there are already a high proportion of low cards showing, the winning Razz hand may contain several high valued cards and you should not be so quick to fold if you start getting these dealt in your hand.

With at least two cards ranked 8 or below in your initial three cards, you should aim to get to at least fifth street to see how the hand pans out. As with all short-handed poker games, top hands are not so common and there is potentially value in taking on one or two opposing players with marginal hands – at least until you hit a duplicate card or can acknowledge that it is unlikely you will get beneath your opponents highest ranking open card.

Although you may not get to play many hands of Razz on each rotation, playing them well can be lucrative and enhance your position in the 8-Game Mix multi table poker tournament.