Fixed Limit Omaha HiLo

This third round of games sees the blinds start to increase and should offer a good mixed poker player a chance to consolidate the advantage they have established in the Hold´em round. The key to success in Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo is to focus on the low hands, getting to the flop as economically as possible when holding at least three different ranking cards valued eight or lower, and hoping to catch a low straight or better.

Although this strategy offers no guarantee of success, you are better off chasing a Lo hand rather than trying to complete a Hi hand when somebody else already has the nut low and is trying to maximise the pot. The rewards for completing a high hand are not as great when the pot is split in two, and therefore not worth a great deal of effort in the early rotations of this game. There is also a very high chance that a good high hand on the flop will get beaten by the river. Even quality hands, such as an ace flush, can get often cracked by a full house when the last community card is laid.

Because of the potential for two winning hands and the higher number of outs available in Omaha Hi/Lo, you will find most of the table involved in this round. Consequently avoid playing middle wraps (where you have a concentration of middle ranking cards) and play your high ranking cards with caution. Very often a player will catch something on the flop and try to lead the betting. If this is you, moderate your raises after the flop and turn, until you are sure that you have the best Hi or Lo hand, and bet more aggressively after the river.

There are a number of banana skins in Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo and, even at this early stage of the tournament, slipping on one could damage your chip stack severely. In later rotations, it could pay to bet more aggressively once the blinds are beyond 100/200, but in the first few rounds of Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo, your focus should be getting through this level and onto the Stud based games. If you have the opportunity to add to your stack at the same time, take advantage of it – but not at the risk of being uncompetitive in later games.