Double or Nothing SNG Tournaments

If you want to make money playing DON SNG tourneys online and at the same time want to enjoy playing them the number one place to play them is 888Poker. Every new player who opens 888Poker gets up to $8 no deposit required signup bonus and is automatically enrolled for their very lucrative VIP program. As far as the DON SNG action goes, you can find loads of tournaments running from the $1+$0.1 buyin level up to the $50+$5 buyin level. Best of all the games have lot more fishes and bad players than on other online poker sites.

5 Most Popular DON SnG Websites

About DON SNGs:

In normal 10 person SNG tournaments the 3 top finishers will win money, usually so that the #1 takes home 50% of the prize pool, #2 gets 30% and #3 20%. Thus in that type of SNG it is most of the time correct strategy to play to win. In DON SNG tournaments you only need to make your way into to top 50% of the players. So if the tournament has 10 players 5 top finishers will each win 20% of the prize pool (e.g in $10 buy in tournament $20). Thus in those tournaments it doesn’t really matter if you finish 3rd (or even 5th) or 1st.
However, what does matter is where you play those DON SNG tournaments in the first place. This is because obviously the worse players you are playing against the better chance you have at winning money, and the better promotions the site has the more money you can expect to make from those promotions (on top of your possible actual tournament winnings). So for that reason we have listed above the poker room that in our opinion is the best internet poker room to play DoN S&G’s online. For a room to be listed here they must fill 4 criteria’s:

1: They have to actually have real double or nothing sit and go tournaments.
2: The site must be have a good reputation.
3: The games must have at least some beginner / bad players in them.
4: The site has to offer quality poker promotions for sit and go players.