Americana Poker

Most of the poker games are played with standard 52 card deck (and sometimes even with couple jokers on top of that), but Americana poker game is played with only 32 cards. This means that the game can’t feature more than 6 different poker players at the same time, but we suspect that most of the players actually prefer those “short handed” games over the full table poker games.

Like in most of the poker games in Americana the two most important things in order to win money are: Having at least a basic idea about the strategy (this can usually learnt best by trial and error) and having basic understand of how to read hands (/of poker psychology). Once you master those two things, you should be able to beat most of the Americana games that you can find on the internet. Which brings us to our main subject of this article, which is what is the best site to play Americana poker online? Let’s look at the top 3 below.

Best poker room to play Americana poker game on the internet:

So as you see, the best site for both low stakes, mid stakes and high stakes Americana action is at the moment poker room. They are part of the growing European Entraction poker network, from where you can during the evening hours find up to 12,000 players playing at the same time. And thanks to this the action is the rarer games such as Americana is pretty decent.

They have both max 4 and max 6 players Americana cash games as well as Americana poker tournaments.

The games start from 0.05€ in which you can play for just couple euros and run up to 10€ games in which you can play for thousands of euros. poker room accepts most of the major payment methods, including for an example bank transfer, credit cards, Neteller and debit cards. When you start playing online poker at their site you will get a 100% up to 1000€ first deposit bonus and will be automatically enrolled into their popular poker bonus VIP system.

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