6 Max Poker Sites

These days all the major online poker sites offer 6 max poker, and in fact at majority of them it is most popular poker format. But, somewhat surprisingly there are big differences between the average skill level of players you are playing against depending on the site you are playing on. As well as there are big differences in the promotional offers the site is giving to you as thanks for choosing to play at their poker room. For this reason we decided to list the 3 poker rooms that in our opinion are the best ones for playing 6 max texas holdem poker on the internet.

As majority of our experience is from No Limit texas holdem we suspect that the list is most useful for the no limit hold em players, but at the same time it wouldn’t surprise us if these sites are also the best ones for playing 6 max fixed limit texas hold’em poker on the internet. So let’s get started!
Best poker rooms for 6 max texas holdem online:

Softest 6 Max Poker Sites in 2016

888 Poker – VIP Club and beginners to play against

The first great thing about 888 Poker is the fact that when you deposit money to their online poker site you will get a $600 deposit bonus already with a $8 free chip. The second great thing about this site is the fact how soft their 6 max games are, it really doesn’t seem to matter if you play low or high stakes – there are almost always bad players in your table. For those reasons this is our number one ranked poker site to play 6 max texas hold’em poker on the internet.

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Lucky Ace Poker – Play against casino fishes and enjoy top promotions

Lucky Ace unfortunately doesn’t currently accept players from the USA, but for Europeans and players from other parts of the world this is a place to be at. Lucky Ace has a decent number of 6 max texas holdem games, but what really matters is that these games are usually filled with players coming from their casino and trying their luck in poker games. This naturally leads to the fact that this site is a goldmine for a thinking poker player. On top of being a goldmine in terms of players to play against, Lucky Ace is that also in other way: They have some really excellent promotions, for an example with your first deposit you will get up to $100 free instantly and the moment you register your account you will become part of their VIP cashback program. The cashback program returns players up to 36% of their monthly rake, and some players are already earning thousands of dollars extra each month thanks to it.

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NoiQ.com poker room – Aggressive action with some really bad players

On average the player that you will encounter at NoiQ.com poker room is bit more skilled than player that you will encounter at Lucky Ace. However, there are some massive whales at NoiQ. And best of all these whales are quite frequent at the 6 max no limit tables, most of them appear to be from southern Europe and without doubt lack the skills to be able to win in long term in poker. On top of having the chance to play against these whales NoiQ also has couple other things going for them. First of all they have loads of high value rake races which especially the grinders should find to be extremely good bankroll booster, and on top of the rake race winnings you can also enjoy weekly 30% rakeback deal with no deductions. And lastly, their customer service is pretty much the best one we have ever come across when playing poker on the internet.

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