5 Card Stud

5 card stud was a popular card game often played by people during the World War era. Although it is not as popular as it was before, the game of 5 card stud is still as thrilling and exciting as ever. The game of five-card stud can be compared to the five card draw, but still, you need to know the different terminologies and strategies in order for you to become successful in this game. Lets take a look at the best online poker sites that offer 5 Card Stud along with their rankings.

Best 5 Card Stud Sites

How to Play 5 Card Stud?

In playing five-card stud, a player must remember that the cards at hand cannot be replaced, so he should be prepared that there is no room for error. Even though this is the big issue in this game, players can still think of ways on how to outwit the dealer and his opponents. Since there is no chance in improving the cards, the best way to win the game is to be aware of the winning hand, which can either be a pair or a high card.

To better understand how the game is played, a player must learn the overview of the game. At the beginning of the game, the dealer deals two cards to each player. These two cards are called hole cards. The dealer will then deal players with an open card, and the betting rounds will start after the dealing of the open cards. Betting will commence from the player with a high card to the other players, going in a clockwise direction. This is the first and second street of the game.

On the third street, the dealer gives out the third card, which is also an open card. After dealing the third card, the betting will again commence in the same direction, clockwise. This process continues until the Fourth Street.

During the Fifth Street, the final card is dealt. In some variations of the five-card stud, they use this card as the hole card or the pocket card to make the game more exciting. During this time, players can bluff to make the game more interesting.

Five Card Stud Strategies

Whenever youre playing 5 card stud, you must always remember that you have a winning chance if you get the high card during the first two streets. On the third street, you should be able to create a flush or a straight, and if youre confident enough with the hand you have, you can take it until the fourth street.

In playing five-card stud, you should also know how your opponents play. Dont be fooled by their moves because they might only be bluffing. Learn when to raise, call, bet or fold on the right time as right timing is essential in this kind of game.

You can also outwit your opponents by bluffing but see to it though that you have a good starting hand before taking the risk of bluffing.