Best 5 Card Omaha Site

VC Poker is known for its plentiful pot limit omaha games and it is also the best place to play 5 card omaha online. They have the most games available and some very loose action. The games start from 0.1/0.2€ and go up to 10/20€ thus there should be a game that fits every wallet. You can obviously also find some cool 5 card omaha tournaments from their site. New players who open their account through EuroPokerPro will get a massive first deposit bonus and a VIP bonus deal.

Best 5 Card Omaha Sites

5 Card Omaha Strategy Tips

5 Card omaha is possibly the sickest poker game you can find on the internet. It is played exactly like normal 4 card pot limit omaha except you are dealt 5 cards at the beginning of the hand. This obviously means that there will be LOT more premium hands and sick setups in which your nut flush for an example end up losing to a straight flus, or your top full house loses to a four of kind.

– The hand values go way down. You might think that when you are given just 1 more card people really wont have that much better hands than they have in the 4 card pot limit omaha. This is absolutely incorrect. People will have lot more great hands and because of the nature of the game they are also much more afraid of value betting the weaker made hands, thus you will much more often see your opponent holding a premium hand when they bet. Naturally this means that unless given a special reason to suspect that your opponent is bluffing you must tighten down your call down range and all in range.

– More bluffing opportunities. Because of what was told in the last paragraph you will also end up finding lot more bluffing opportunities. For an example the “naked ace bluff*” tends to work much better in 5 card omaha than it does in the good old 4 card pot limit omaha.

* Naked ace bluff means that when there is 3 or more flush cards on the table with no possibility of straight flush and you are holding only the ace of that suit you bluff with your hand because you know that no one can have the nut flush.