Paysafe Card Bingo

There are multiple reasons behind why we are very confident that 888bingo and 888ladies bingo are two best online bingo sites for PaySafe Card users. First of all, both of these sites are owned by the same, extremely reputable online gambling company. They have stunning (perfect) track-records when it comes to paying out winnings and on making sure that their games are 100% honest.

In addition to this both of these online bingo sites offer excellent promotions to all of their players, not only will every new player get a nice free money first deposit bonus offer but they also have loads of promotions for the bingo players who keep playing at their site. Furthermore, both 888bingo and 888ladies have a nice community vibe with regular interaction between players. And finally what is most important for the sake of this article, is the fact that making a deposit with PaySafeCard is very easy and secure on both of these online bingo rooms.

How to choose between 888ladies and 888bingo?

Both of these sites use the exact same online bingo software and are exactly as reliable and honest places to play online bingo games. The main differences are in the promotions and in the brand. To put it shortly, the 888bingo seems to be aimed mainly for the more serious online bingo players and the 888ladies (men accepted :-)) bingo site is mainly for the more casual bingo players who simply like to play to have fun. Those things show in both the promotions and in the branding. You are naturally allowed to play on both of these bingo sites, and many players have played on both sites before choosing to play mainly on the one that “feels more like home”. We wish you pleasant times with the online bingo games.