Maestro & Laser Card

In order to play online poker for real cash you will be requested to make a deposit with one of the many deposit methods available at the online poker site in question. However, these deposit methods might depend slightly based on the site you are playing at.

For an example some sites might have decided not to accept debit card deposits. Now naturally, if you are a Maestro card owner, this brings up a problem on how to actually fund your online poker account. Well, this is where we are hoping to help you. How you might ask? Well next you will find out a bit about my favorite online poker rooms that accept Laser card deposits, as well as those made with Maestro Card.

Where to play poker using Maestro or Laser card

Best Maestro card poker rooms online:

1: 888 Online Poker Room

If you want to play online poker room in dollars with Maestro deposit this is the room you should choose. With your first deposit to the 888 online poker site you will be given 100% up to 400€ deposit bonus. There are also other benefits that come with playing internet poker games at this site, for an example they run loads of special promotions and for an example freerolls in which you can win tickets to European Masters of Poker tournaments.