Online Poker Insults and Trash Talk

Poker seems to attract some people who have extremely huge ego and are at the same time incredible insecure about themselves. When these people with the huge egos and issues end up losing money, usually it doesn’t matter if it is because they played bad or got unlucky, they love to tell their opponents how bad they are in poker and in life in general. We think this is extremely stupid and something that no-one should do, but despite of that we decide to list on this page some of the most common poker insults and trash talk lines used by people like Phil Hellmuth JR.

– You are a fucking donkey

– Fucking fish – Phil Hellmuth loves to call people animals, maybe he had some childhood issues with the animals.

– Fishcake! – For some reason Mike Matusow seems to love this one and he has repeatedly used it whenwhen playing online poker.

– Fish – Simple, effective. Probably comes from the fact people often get lucky on river, and because fishes live also in river so.. or something.

– Whale – If you are a huge fish? Did they miss a biology class in the school..

– You can’t even spell poker! – One of the most legendary lines.

– You suck – Doesn’t get much simpler than this

– How can you call with that – This is somewhat classic, funny thing is people saying this usually played the hand much worse than the person who called with the speculative hand

– Fucking idiot – Oh it did get simpler than “you suck”

– I hope you die in cancer – This is in my opinion just too much, but some of the internet kids love using it

– I hope you get hit by a truck – Same thing as with the above line

– Sarcastic GG ( good game) and NH (nice hand) – Usually used by the people you just stacked with a nice little suited connector or in some other way that he didn’t see coming. Funny thing is those people who used it sarcastically often should have used it honestly as they just got outplayed.

– You are JOPKE – Yes, JOPKE, another genius line coined by Phil Hellmuth. He used this one when he was getting crushed playing online poker, apparently on top of losing his mind when he is getting owned he also loses his ability to write.